My Wish List

Good Morning December!

There have been two years now since I am carefully preparing my list of “to wish for” every end of December.
Now it’s the 30th and I am working on my new list.
I am gonna share with you my way of doing the list, so hope it’ll be useful. You should know this is no “Ioana method” :), I have been gathering the tips and tricks from the books I have read about completing your goals and objectives.

Step 1. I start from my previous wish list an see if any of the objectives there are still relevant to me and I still want them achieved. You would be surprised how time changes your perspective..

Step 2. I write in my Notes my current objectives/wishes. I use my phone, but you can use anything as long as you have them somewhere handy.

Step 3. I choose from the list prepared 1 to 2 wishes from different aspects of life (family, social life, career, financials and self development).

Step 4. I rank them based on their importance and try not to have more than 7 wishes on my list. Studies have shown that the optimal number of objectives is around five, this makes it more easy to focus on, thus achieve and this will lead to a virtuous circle – having a list of achievement instead of one of failures helps your self esteem and motivation to do even better.

Step 5. Start your New Year reviewing your list to set your mind at work!:)

Step 6. Review your list every 1-2 months and check your progress.

Step 7. Enjoy!

Happy wishes coming true,



Thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts :)

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