We all make our choices – the hard thing is to live with them

I have been watching The Words over the weekend and it got me thinking about what they say towards the end of the movie that we all make our choices, the hard thing is to live with them.

Well how will you know the choice you make wouldn’t be hard to live with?

I really don’t know the answer to that.. But I can tell you how I look at it.

For quite a few months I have been undecided what action to take in regards to a certain situation. I knew that from a professional standpoint an action was absolutely necessary and I also knew the correct thing to do. Still I decided to wait for another day because I know I tend to be impulsive and rush into making a hard call. The next day, after listing my options, I decided to do what I consider the right thing to do – giving another chance.

For me correct and right are not the same. Something is considered correct because it is socially shaped and approved, but the right thing is not only correct but also congruent with how you feel about it. And it is exactly this “what you feel about it” that will make the difference between hard to live with or proud of it.

ioana dainty notes

Photo by Alex Melente photographer


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