New Year`s Eve Confessions

What is your dream of the perfect New Year`s Eve? I am pretty sure you do imagine one, or remember that perfect scene from a movie…

I must confess I have a thing for putting my dreams on a dashboard to be right where I can see (and chase) them so this time I will use this post as my dashboard.

My perfect New Year`s Eve starts with a room at The Ritz in Paris (which fortunately is closed until 2014 so that I can dream on :)) and ends with a sumptuous party wearing all lace and fur.

My pick is the Valentino fur from the 2012-13 collection and the Elie Saab organza dress with lace bodice paired with Chaumet earrings with diamonds and emeralds.

Valentino Fur 2012 collectionElie Saab, Couture, Paris, Fall Winter, 201231Boucles d’oreilles en platine, diamants, émeraudes

This being said, have you planned 2013 New Year`s Eve already?

To be honest I haven`t and for a very strange reason I am not worried about it… I guess this time I am simply gonna be happy as long as I am with the people I love.


Thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts :)

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