Luck is an Attitude

Start by defining luck to yourself.

I personally like to thinks it`s more about an attitude of self-confidence, going out there and getting what you want, achieving, keeping that mind-set that enables you to see opportunities without getting down the road of pessimism.

It`s strange how I`ve forgotten this and then by coincidence 3 things reminded me of it.


1) The Martini “Luck is an Attitude” ad (and you can see it in the pic above)

2) My friend that was telling me a week back about reading this in a book.

The story is like this – You are really late for your flight and you are pretty sure you`ll miss it. Still you decide to go to the airport and when getting there you find out the plane was just delayed for a technical matter so you can still check-in. You then say to yourself “I just got so lucky” while it was you deciding to act and taking the chance and not “luck” offering you transportation to the airport.

3) The test for Locus of Control (as part of my EduGaming homework) that confirmed me once more I am most frequently an “internal”.

For those who haven`t heard of it, the locus of control is a concept from personality psychology describing the way you usually place yourself and act in regards to certain events. It can be either external (when you tend to believe other people, nature, faith, luck are stronger than you and have the power to influence your life) or internal (when you tend to relay on yourself as the sole contributor to your well-being).


What is your definition of luck?

~ photos by Alex Melente photographer

6 Responses to “Luck is an Attitude”
  1. Marina Oprea says:

    Is there a way getting the Locus of Control test? πŸ™‚

    • Dainty Notes says:

      I`m pretty sure it can be found if you google it because there have been a lot of versions created since it was first developed in 1966. Unfortunately I can`t share the one I used as it was part of a training 😦

  2. Marina Oprea says:

    (of*) & love the shoes :X

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