Human Sigma – Managing the employee-customer encounter

Have you heard about Human Sigma?

Briefly “what Six Sigma did for manufacturing, Human Sigma will do for the service economy” – Ralph Olivia, Executive Director, Institute for the Study of Business Markets

human sigma cover

I have recently finished reading Human Sigma, written by John H. Fleming and Jim Asplund, an interesting reading bringing a whole new perspective on the sales and service organizations.

It is actually a study developed by Gallup showing that a companys` profitability (in the service industry) is strongly related to the quality of the interaction between the customer-facing role and the direct customer.

And by quality the authors do not refer to a standard speech read from a transcript or a solution provided according to the procedure.. but to the genuine interaction between the employee and the customer on the other side of the line.  “..the emphasis is on how the company handled the problem, not how it was resolved.”

Over the 15 chapters, the study describes the way Human Sigma can be enhanced through Emotional Attachment (confidence, integrity, pride and passion), Employee Engagement, how Feelings turn into Facts, the Human Sigma strategy (evaluate, intervene and encourage).

If you want to know more about it, you can find it on Gallup Business Journal.


Thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts :)

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