Two places to go to while in London

This is not going to be a post with tips & tricks about sites to visit in London. If you are expecting that, I suggest you stop reading now :).

Imagine it`s a cold, rainy, Sunday in London – what would you choose to do? Well.. since I love chocolates, cakes and pastries (I could literally live with that!) I`d go for Godiva Cafe and Ladurée.

The Godiva Cafe in Harrods is actually the first European Godiva Cafe and was opened in May this year. Though Harrods was crowded and noisy, once you are in the cafe, it`s like you are in a whole different place, simple yet elegant.

Here`s a glimpse inside, including the menu (to which you can add a cup of champagne).


godiva cafe1

godiva cafe2

menu godiva cafe may 2012 harrods

The second place is Ladurée at Burlington Arcade which you cannot miss if you are a fan of the “small, round cakes, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle” – le Macaron. Here you can pick from 10s of flavors or just stay and look at the large shelves with all sort of charming boxes for take-away..

10 LADUREE BURLINGTON ARCADE_picnikladureeladuree burlinghtonladuree boxesSo.. what would you do in a cold, rainy, Sunday in London?


Thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts :)

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