Winter Snow and Tolstoy

Yesterday we just had the first snow in Bucharest.

Although it gave me a boost of energy and a holiday mood, I have to admit the first thought of getting out in the cold this morning was painful. Among this mix of feelings and thoughts I couldn`t help myself from wondering how come we don`t long for the charming world of the 19thc?

I for sure do as I`m thinking  Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Bulgakov, Turgheniev… so I`m sharing with you a small piece of a modern fairy tale.


So this evening I`ll be eating my last Godiva chocolates ( 😦 ) and (re)read Anna Karenina!

Photos of Madeleine de la Motte by Thomas Whiteside for Tatler Russia December 2011

One Response to “Winter Snow and Tolstoy”
  1. And you can see also the Anna Karenina movie with Keira Knightley! Extraordinary dresses!

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