Leg wear – Call It Hosiery

I have pinned a photo these days with black hosiery and that got me thinking I didn`t give them the right appreciation on this blog. For me it`s not just leg wear, it`s more an accessory and it`s the same as with necklaces..I feel I never have enough of them :).

I have browsed the web for the pictures of my favorite hosiery and here they are!

Calzedonia - Dots

Calzedonia – Dots

Falke – Fine Squares Hold-Ups

Falke – Diagonal Tights

La Perla – MIKADO Stay Ups

La Perla – MING Stay Ups

Wolford – SILVER GLAM Stay Ups

I hope this gave you some ideas:)! Enjoy the rest of the weekend,


2 Responses to “Leg wear – Call It Hosiery”
  1. Marina Oprea says:

    Love the Calzedonia Dots…

  2. I too love hosiery and the effect it has on people. Went to a graduation yesterday and one girl was wearing some patterned panty hose and everyone one in my group-9 people made a comment on her hosiery. A relative few women wear striking pantyhose or stockings and when they do, they do get attention. These hose were simply patterned sheer black pantyhose, so nothing particularly exotic there.

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