And so we go back to handicraft

We began the 21st century by losing more and more of our roots and identity in a time of destabilizing change and electronic communication.. Now people have started looking back and looking inside in search of their identity.. And a proof of it might be the boost on the handicraft market, whether it is jewelry, carpets, clothing, bags, small decorative pieces or even furniture.

The things we create bring out the beauty in ourselves. They bring colour and highlights to our life. They add up to our identity.

And at the end of the day, is this identity something we`re displaying for others or is it more our own crusade to discover who we are?

Either way it is a well-known fact that craft is a powerful psychotherapy tool. Art and Craft therapy is used in reducing stress,  facilitating self-expression and increasing self-confidence and creativity.

So dare to create your own fashion pieces! Buy others that you love at first sight! Include them in your wardrobe! Isn`t it lovely how it feels to wear something made with so much passion?

If you are more pragmatic, don`t worry, handicraft will probably be a profitable business as the market place adapts to peoples` changing needs.




Thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts :)

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